Youth Center Campus
91-1207 Renton Road
Ewa Villages, HI 96706
Ph. 681-8838 Fax: 681-5383

Middle/High School Campus
91-1130 Renton Road
Ewa Villages, HI 96706
Ph. 687-3638 Fax: 681-0904


President | Pastor James Reid – Email

Early Childhood/Elementary Administrator | Molly Norden – Email

Middle/High School Administrator | Keith Reid – Email


Preschool/Elementary Teachers:

Mrs. Linda Cloughen – K-3; Email
Mrs. Cynthia Ke – K-4; Email
Mrs. Rose Morton – K-4; Email
Miss Jacqueline Lake – K-5; Email
Mrs. Rachel Delfft – K-5; Email
Miss Katie Crease – 1st grade; Email
Miss Michelle Cortez – 1st grade; Email
Ms. Carmen Campbell – 2nd grade; Email
Mrs. Liz Sablan – 3rd grade; Email
Miss Becky Norden  – 4th grade; Email
Mr. Jerome Ichokwan – 5th grade; Email
Miss Renee Young – Music; Email
Mr. Rick Holt – Bible/PE; Email


Middle School/ High School Teachers:

Mr. Rob Deverell – Bible; Email
Mr. Jonathan Salas – Bible/History/P.E.; Email
Mr. Jason Norden – English/History/Computers; Email
Miss Rhonda McGuire – Math/Spanish; Email
Mr. Keith Reid – Science; Email
Mrs. Marilyn Reid – English; Email
Miss Stephanie Millen – Math/English; Email
Mrs. Sarah Carroll – P.E./Study Hall; Email



Miss Becca Falk – Preschool/Elementary; Email
Ms. Lei Uejo-Hakkei – Preschool/Elementary; Email
– Ms. Lei can also be reached at the school’s email adress; Email
Ms. Kimberly Soto – Middle School/High School; Email